Free Software for Non-Profit and Personal Use

This document is a work in progress and will be growing periodically

While it is possible for Irish organisations with a CHY number to obtain donated software through the charity Enclude, this facility is unfortunately not available to all - many educational organisations are excluded, for example. But there are plenty of other options available, such as open-source applications. The days when open-source software was crude and unreliable are long gone, and there is now plenty of high-quality software available. Note that some providers of open-source applications provide paid-for support services, which is how they make their income, but such support is generally optional.


Use this document at your own risk - if you are unsure about anything here then you should consult with an IT professional, and be sure to check software licences carefully. By 'free' we mean free to use, subject to whatever conditions are stated in the licence for each software title. Some software is only 'free' for home use by individuals, some is free for all to use, some can even be freely redistributed subject to conditions. Licences can and do change, we loosely state the terms as we understood them at the time that we examined them. We are not granting you the free use of anything - you must check the licensing terms for a software title at the time of its installation, as these are the terms that apply to you.