Meath Partnership: Invitation to Join Trainers and Facilitators Panel

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Meath Partnership is now inviting proposals from suitably qualified individuals/companies, with particular experience of working in the Community & Voluntary and Enterprise sector, to establish a training panel for a period of 24 months. The type and scope of training offered by Meath Partnership is quite varied and training topics include:

Community & Voluntary sector

  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
  • Fundraising and event management
  • Public Relations and marketing for Non-Profit Organisations
  • Project Management
  • Capacity building for marginalised groups
  • Social Media for community and voluntary organisations
  • Community Development – Principles and Practice
  • Group Work and Facilitation Skills
  • Equality and Diversity Training
  • Networking and how to build effective local networks
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Using creative skills to engage young people i.e. music, drama, storytelling, etc.

Individual Supports and Training

  • Career Coaching
  • Career Coaching for young people (16 to 25 years)
  • Personal Development and effectiveness
  • Parenting (also with focus on migrant parents)
  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviour and Conflict
  • Mindfulness & Stress Control
  • Promoting Positive Mental Health
  • Communication Skills 
  • QQI accredited Train-the-Trainer (Training and Development)
  • Ageing with Confidence

Enterprise and Employment

  • QQI accredited Employability Skills
  • Starting your own business
  • Conflict Management in the workplace
  • Social Enterprise advice and support
  • Business Administration Skills - (Idea Generation, Marketing, Taxation, Finance, Business Development Training, PR for Business, IT Training for Business and Employment, Digital Business Skills Development (SEO / social media)
  • Employment Skills training (including Retail Sales, Customer Service, SafePass and Manual Handling)
  • QQI accredited Health and Safety Training
  • QQI accredited Occupational First Aid
  • Patient Manual Handling
  • Accredited Care skills
  • Microsoft office training beginner and intermediate levels
  • Horticulture and woodwork

It should be noted that the issue of this RFT does not in any way commit Meath Partnership to any course of action including the actual delivery of a proposed programme, nor does admittance to the panel imply that the panel member will be awarded a contract during the lifetime of the panel. When a need for a specific programme materialises, approved panel members may be awarded a contract for the delivery of these services upon agreement on costings and programme specific details.

Tendering criteria

Meath Partnership’s tendering process is based on the principles of integrity, fairness and value for money. Rather than automatically accepting the lowest price, the tender evaluation process also takes into account quality, experience, methodology and previous performance in a manner to ensure value for money.

Experience and Qualifications - 30 marks
Methodology and quality of offer - 20 marks
Price (cost per hour/day) - 30 marks
References - 20 marks
Total - 100 marks

Interested parties should address the following points in their tender document:

Experience and Qualifications

Our tendering system recognises providers who have recognised qualifications and / or experience in their chosen field and can show an ability to work from a non-discriminatory perspective. Please include a full CV in your tender application. Details of the professional and other qualifications of individuals who will undertake the work should be outlined clearly. 


Tenders should include a detailed outline of their proposed approach to training and/or facilitation work and how it is to be implemented. Samples of previously delivered training etc. can be provided to demonstrate the quality of work. Please indicate if the trainer/provider has professional indemnity insurance.


Tenders should include a detailed breakdown of either hourly or daily costs which include expenses and other incidentals. The printing of training materials, handouts and training equipment will be provided by Meath Partnership therefore these costs should not be included in your price. As this is a training initiative, VAT does not apply. A current tax clearance access number is required.

Track Record

Please provide details on previous work undertaken and provide two references from organisations worked with within the past 12 months.

Meath Partnership will accept no responsibility for any costs incurred in formulating or presenting proposals.

Submission of Tenders

Two hard copies of the tender, clearly marked ‘Trainers and Facilitators Panel’ must be submitted to:

Mr. Michael Ludlow
Meath Partnership
Unit 7 Kells Business Park
Cavan Road
Co. Meath

Tenders should be received no later than 4pm on Friday 12th May 2017. Late applications will not be considered.


Co Meath

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