Galway City Community Network: Development Worker (Part-Time)

Galway City Community Network Logo              Galway City Community Network is the Public Participation Network in Galway City

Galway City Community Network, the Public Participation Network in Galway City, is seeking a skilled, motivated person for the part-time position of GCCN Development Worker, initially on a one year contract. The GCCN Development Worker will be a strongly motivated person, with a strong sense of commitment to the ideas and values inherent in the work of PPN. The role of the GCCN Development Worker is to work with the GCCN Co-ordinator and the Secretariat to ensure that GCCN meets its objectives to:

  • Advance the values of sustainability, equality, culture, community, empowerment and inclusivity and embed these in the policies, programmes and practice of local government, state organisations, national government and civil society.
  • Develop and implement progressive models of and approaches to representation, participation and engagement for civil society in informing and shaping policy development and implementation.

The GCCN Development Worker will be based in the GCCN office in the Westside, Galway

To receive a copy of the job description and person specification, please email

Please forward your CV and cover letter highlighting your qualifications, skills and experience that are relevant to the post as outlined by Friday March 3rd to

Please use the subject line GCCN Development Worker in all correspondence

Objectives of the Post

The key objectives of the post are to:

  • Facilitate the participation and representation of communities in a fair, equitable and transparent manner through the environmental, social inclusion and community & voluntary sectors on decision making bodies
  • Strengthen the capacity of communities and of the environmental, social inclusion and voluntary groups to contribute positively to the community in which they reside / participate
  • Provide information relevant to the environmental, social inclusion and community & voluntary groups and acts as a hub around which information is distributed and received.

Duties & Responsibilities

The GCCN Development Worker will work with the GCCN Co-ordinator to ensure the following:

Governance, financial accountability and administration

  • The highest levels of governance;
  • Financial management and accountability to members, funders and others;
  • The financial viability of GCCN, including making funding applications where appropriate;
  • The efficient administration of GCCN;
  • The maintenance of the GCCN membership database;
  • Reports for the Secretariat, Plenary, funders and others as deemed appropriate are prepared.

Membership and representatives support and development

  • Membership development and engagement;
  • The provision of support to members;
  • The provision of support to the GCCN representatives, Linkage Groups and other PPN structures;
  • The provision of technical assistance and support to GCCN members and representatives, including policy analysis and the developments of submissions;
  • The identification of appropriate training and development of existing and new PPN member organisations and representatives, in the context of their effective engagement with the PPN;
  • Devising materials to be used for PPN responses to requests including online consultations, public meetings, workshops, surveys etc.


  • Representing Galway City Community Network at a range of for a as deemed appropriate by the Secretariat;
  • Representing Galway City Community Network in the media and issuing media releases where appropriate.


  • Ongoing communication with members and others;
  • Production of newsletters and updates;
  • Maintaining the website;
  • Developing and maintaining a social media presence.

Qualifications, skills and experience

The successful applicant will have the following qualifications, skills and experience:

  • 3rd level qualification in community development or other relevant area (relevance must be demonstrated);
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in community development work;
  • Knowledge and understanding of public participation, in particular the barriers to participation of socially excluded groups and communities;
  • Knowledge and understanding of public policy development and relevant structures at Local Authority level.
  • Knowledge and experience of the community and voluntary, environmental and social inclusion sectors.
  • Project management experience & ability to manage multiple projects at once.
  • Experience of building, managing and nurturing partnerships and relationships across a wide range of key stakeholders.
  • Demonstrably strong analytic, report writing, strategic, organisational, governance, financial skills.
  • Excellent facilitation skills and communication skills.
  • Leadership and people management skills in a paid or voluntary capacity.
  • Excellent IT & administration skills, including MS Word, Access, Excel & Power Point, social networking, website maintenance etc.
  • Experience of working with a Voluntary Board of Management/Secretariat.



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