Email Bulletin Information, Terms and Conditions

Activelink sends out two weekly digests of the content that's currently available on our web site. Both are aimed at the community and voluntary sector:

  • Activelink Jobs and Volunteering, which also includes requests for tenders, and is mailed once weekly, on Saturday.
  • Community Exchange, which contains information about training, events, funding, fundraisers, and charitable offers or requests, and is mailed once weekly, on Sunday.

Note that though the volunteering section of this web site is listed under Community Exchange, its digest is sent out in the Activelink Jobs and Volunteering mailing list.

General Information

Subscription to our mailings is free and there are no hidden costs. We have been running the Community Exchange list since 1999, and introduced the Activelink Jobs and Volunteering list in 2006. We send out one mailing on each list per week, except for the New Year's holiday.

We use a system known as "double opt-in" to ensure that no-one can subscribe another person's email address to our mailings without their permission. The first time that you subscribe to each of our mailing lists you will be sent a confirmation email (for each list), and your subscription will not become active until you have clicked on the confirmation link(s) in the email(s). If you do not confirm your email address within 10 days then you may have to start over.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to subscribe, unsubscribe, and resubscribe to/from our lists. When you unsubscribe from a list, our mailer remembers that you have verified your email address for a period of one year, so should you choose to re-activate your subscription to it within this period then you will not need to re-confirm your email address, provided that it is the same one that you verified previously.

Our mailing software remembers when and why its mails have been rejected by a particular email address. If your mailbox is full, it will try to mail you for a couple of weeks, and then unsubscribe you if your mailbox is still full. If its mails are rejected because it receives error messages such as "unknown user" or "mailbox doesn't exist" then your email address will be unsubscribed within a few days.

To unsubscribe from our mailings manually, you should enter your already subscribed and confirmed email address into its field, and then click on the 'unsubscribe' button. Be sure to enter your email address correctly, as the message that you will see is identical to the one that is shown if you enter an email address that is not subscribed.


We never give out the email addresses of our mailing list subscribers, or use them for any other purpose. As stated above, when you unsubscribe from our mailing lists, our mailer will remember your confirmed email address(es) for one year, purely to provide a simpler subscribe / unsubscribe / resubscribe functionality via our web-form, where you don't have to repeatedly verify your email address. If you wish to have your email address deleted from our mailer's database immediately, then please contact us.

We do not store your email address in our web site's database, it is just passed on to our mailing software.

We operate block-lists whereby we can block email addresses from being subscribed to individual mailing lists, or to all of our mailing lists, including any that we may introduce in the future. Please contact us and we will add any email addresses that you control onto these lists by request.

Terms and Conditions

The 'Activelink Jobs and Volunteering' and the 'Community Exchange' bulletins are copyright, (c) Activelink, and we hereby grant you their free use for personal and non-commercial purposes. We do not permit their use for profit or gain without our written and signed permission to do so. We also expressly forbid you from using them to misrepresent yourself or any other party, or to utilise them for any illegal or abusive purposes.

While we do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within our mailings, we offer no guarantees whatsoever, and you use the information that they contain entirely at your own risk.

You signify your acceptance of these terms by subscribing to any of our mailing lists.


These mailing lists are operated by Activelink, 2-4 Merville Road, Stillorgan, Dublin A94 E3F8, Ireland. You can email us on or telephone us on +353-1-6677326 during business hours, so please contact us if you have any problems, queries, or requests related to our mailings, and we will do our utmost to assist you.