Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion: Upcoming Courses

Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion

Autumn 2017

Upcoming Courses in

Mayo, Longford & Donegal

Course Aim; To enhance participants’ capacity to incorporate sexual health promotion into their work through the development of their comfort levels, confidence, knowledge and skills in relation to sexual health

This program will look at sexual health promotion holistically throughout the human life-stages.

  • Sexual Health Promotion in the Irish Context
  • Sexual Health A Life Course Approach
  • Physical Sexual Health (Contraception, STIs. Sexual function/dysfunction)
  • Self Esteem & Sexual Health
  • Sexuality and Diversity
  • Law, Power and Sexual Health
  • Working Safely around Sexual Health
  • Facilitating Workshops in Sexual Health

Target Group

Target participants are those working in the health, education, youth and community sectors, whose work currently or potentially involves aspects of sexual health promotion. Some previous experience of facilitation and /or one to one skills is desirable as this is not general skills training.


The course is participatory and experiential in approach. It requires participants to have an openness to personal development as they explore knowledge, attitudes and values in relation to sexual health, through individual, paired and group work.


  • Participants are required to attend all ten days, to keep a learning journal throughout the program and to co-facilitate a short sample experiential workshop

Application Process

Step 1: Application Form Step 2: Telephone interview

Dates –

Mayo - 20th & 21st Sept - 18th&19th Oct - 6th&7th Dec- 17th&18th Jan 2018 - 14th &15th Feb 2018

Donegal - 27th &28th Sept - 25th&26th Oct - 22nd & 23rd Nov - 13th&14th Dec - 10th &11th Jan 2018

Longford - 10th & 11th Oct - 14th & 15th Nov - 12th & 13th Dec -16th & 17th Jan - 13th & 14th Feb 2018

For further details contact the appropriate course facilitator –

Mayo Course – Thelma Birrane –

Donegal Course – Lisa O’Hagan –

Longford Course – Margaret Whittaker –


Mayo, Longford & Donegal

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