IT Sligo: Postgraduate Diploma / Masters in Social Care and Social Justice

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The aim of this programme is to allow students to critically analyse social care and social justice as it is currently conceived and explore its applications to a range of service and user groups to enhance their capacity to act as a force for progressive social change.

Students will reflectively interrogate their own identities and positioning, developing practical skills around advocacy, lobbying, activism etc. to allow them to lead and become leaders of change within their given area. This course will provide students with the skills to critique redistributive
and social justice; practice the values of recognition and respect in all social care domains and in society generally; facilitate representation at the personal, organisational and political level in society; critically redress unequal relations and promote the concept of relationality in all aspects
of social care to promote social inclusion, social justice and equality; develop the capacity to access care for oneself and undertake care for others.

Summary of subjects

Semester 1

  • Introduction to Social Justice, Theory and Practice
  • Social Transformation

Semester 2

  • Human Rights, Policy and Law
  • Care and Justice

Semester 3

  • Social Locations: An intersectional approach
  • Research Design and Development

Semester 4

  • Social Inclusion and Diversity
  • Research Project

Deadline for submitting applications: 15th August 2016
Fees: €800 per ten credit module
Duration: 18 months / 2 years part time
Delivery Method: Online and residential



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