Treoir: Workshop - Teen Parents Support Programme

The TPSP Toolkit - a resource for working with pregnant or parenting teenagers and their families.

Free one-day Workshop

Monday April 24th 2017

9.30am to 4.30pm

Aisling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin 8

The TPSP Toolkit

Being a teenage parent can be a challenge. However, targeted supports provided when and where the young parents need them, can help them face these challenges with greater confidence and ability. The Teen Parents Support Programme (TPSP) consists of 11 projects, funded by Tusla and the HSE, providing a variety of supports and interventions to teenage parents and their families. Through our experience of working with teenage parents, TPSP project workers have built up a range of knowledge and skills which have helped us work effectively with this vulnerable group. We have now developed a resource, The TPSP Toolkit, to support both TPSP staff and other community-based professionals in their work with teenage parents.

Free Workshop

The TPSP is offering a free one-day Workshop for professionals to support the use of the TPSP Toolkit in their work with pregnant and parenting teens and their families.  Priority will be given to those working in areas where there is not a TPSP.


Workshop content will include:

  • Exploration of the unique need of teenage parents and the challenges they may experience as they grow and develop as young people and as parents
  • Reflection on one’s own attitudes and values and how they may shape one’s approach to working with teenage parents and their families
  • Guidance on, and demonstration of, the effective use of the Toolkit
  • An opportunity for experiential practice of the resource material.

Intended learning outcomes for participants are:

  • a greater awareness of the needs of teenage parents and what influences their personal development and their development as parents
  • an understanding of how personal attitudes and values could influence one’s work with teenage parents
  • An understanding of the purpose of The TPSP Toolkit and its appropriate use with teenage parents and their families.
  • Capacity and confidence in the effective use of the Toolkit to support their future work with teen parents.

The Workshop will incorporate information provision, discussion and experiential learning. As this is a one-day Workshop only, it is assumed that participants will already possess a basic level of skill in facilitating groups and/or one- to- one work.

All participants will receive an electronic version of The TPSP Toolkit in the form of a USB key

To register for the Workshop please complete the attached Registration Form and return to Margaret Morris, National Co-ordinator, TPSP, 087-2518428 by Friday 14th April 2017 


Parkgate St, Dublin 8

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