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We have had a great start to our Spring Summer Scheduled Training Programme with workshops on subjects like Financial Management & Public Relations very well received. See below for details of 5 workshops and 1 seminar coming up in March 2017.  As always, early booking is highly recommended!

Making the Most of Digital - Online Communications (3 places left)
2nd March 2017 – 09.45am – 1.00pm
This training session aims to help organisations to build or enhance their online presence, including their website and any social media profiles they use. The training includes practical exercises and hands-on support in enhancing or establishing your organisation’s online profiles. To ensure the training is as interactive and participatory as possible, we limit the number of participants to 10.

Grant Applications
7th March 2017 – 09.45am – 1.00pm

This ½ day interactive workshop will provide an overview of the grantwriting process as well as an opportunity to begin working on a grant proposal based on questions commonly asked on application forms. We will cover common mistakes on grant applications, as well as discussing what competitive funding programmes might be a good fit for your organisation.

Presentation Skills Basics
14th March 2017 – 09.45am – 1.00pm

This training session aims to help organisations to build or enhance their presentation skills. The training includes practical exercises and mock presentations with feedback. 

Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers
23rd March 2017 – 09.45am – 1.00pm

The workshop will provide you with a ‘how to’ guide that will increase your effectiveness in recruiting and retaining the right volunteers for you organisation. We will identify the skills set needed for the role, where you might recruit them and what should be in place to make the collaboration a truly rewarding volunteering experience for both.
A highly interactive format, the workshop will end with a ‘solutions room’, where we will explore the challenges typically faced and use the workshop learnings and group insights to develop solutions.

Service Design & Review for Not-For-Profit Organisations
23rd March 2017 – 02.00pm – 3.00pm

Many not-for-profit organisations design their services around the needs of their users and have always done so. As the needs of service-users change, so too should the services we offer. The Design Thinking process allows anyone delivering a service to systematically approach the review or introduction of a new service in a way that ensures the service-user is always at the centre and problems they may be experiencing are resolved effectively. This is a helpful exercise to run before an upcoming strategic review, developing a new strategic plan, writing a new funding application or reporting on impact to existing funders.

Preparing an Annual Report
31st March 2017 – 09.45am – 1.00pm

The aim of this session is to understand how to produce the best annual report for your not-for-profit organisation.  This course covers the basics of what is required in an annual report and then focuses on how to use the annual report as a way of showing the public, your members and funders how good your organisation is.  The session will involve presentation and working in groups.  Participants should bring a copy of their organisation’s most recent annual report with them.

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