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This certificate course is designed to enable you to be more resilient both in work and in life.

Resilience is defined as; the ability to bounce back after adversity and is in fact a skill which can be learned.

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Resilience is what allows us to adapt and thrive in situations which can be difficult or seemingly impossible. It is based on our human potential to respond rather than react, to constantly grow and improve and to learn powerful skills which can be applied in both work and life circumstances.

Our person-centred ethos and background in psychological education and counselling / psychotherapy means that we are in a unique position to understand the psychological needs of individuals and what is required to empower and facilitate positive, lasting change. Our focus is on harnessing your character strengths and building learnt optimism and tenacity in life and at work, with particular emphasis on resilience. In the Workplace Resilience Programme, you will benefit from the implementation of new, research-backed expertise in the areas of psychological, person-centred, business focused training designed to support you in your business challenges and daily hassles.

Our Resilience course is based on combining three of the most widely recognised, research based, interventions to support individuals' resilience – Cognitive Behavioural Approaches, Positive Psychology Approaches, a Personal Resilience Plan. 

We will empower you to enhance your own resilience for the benefit of your work life and beyond: be able to create realistic plans and do what’s necessary to follow through with those plans; develop and maintain a positive self-concept; demonstrate good communication and problem solving skills; and be able to manage your emotions more effectively.

This course is designed for your lifelong resilience and should stay with you long after your in class training ends.

Venue: Dublin City Centre
Duration: Four Days (Saturdays & 1 Sunday, 10am - 5pm)
Next Start Date: Saturday 4th February
Cost: €480 (PCI Graduate / Student €440)

Course Content:
(Day 1) Introduction to Resilience & Self-Awareness - Mike Hackett
5/2/17 (Day 2) Disrupt (CBT) - Eoin Stephens
18/2/17 (Day 3) Build (Positive Psychology) - Dr. Jolanta Burke
11/3/17 (Day 4) Sustain & Integrate (Personal Resilience Plan) - Mike Hackett

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