Irish Rural Link: Survey for Rural Micro Enterprises

Irish Rural Link is running a two year programme called MICRO which will deliver innovative & supportive online education tools free for entrepreneur & craft leaders in rural areas. Currently we are looking for micro-enterprises to take part in our survey.

We are seeking responses to the question  ‘What are the training needs of rural micro enterprises in Ireland? with a view to availing of the EU single market or other EU opportunities.

Please see our dedicated website for more information. You can also download a copy of our survey attached below.

Closing date: May 15th 2017

IRL is a non-profit organisation, which represents rural community groups and associations at a national and international level.
The network provides a structure through which rural groups, representing disadvantaged rural communities, can articulate their common needs and priorities, share their experiences and present their case to policy-makers at national and European Union level.



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