Advocacy Initiative Forum: Doing better advocacy!

The Carmichael Centre in association with Barnardos and the Disability Federation of Ireland will host a Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF) on Advocacy. This forum takes place 1st Feb 2017 (9.30am - 2.00pm) in the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin.

This free event will take participants through a process on the day modelled on the five elements of the 'Social Justice Advocacy Indicators' tool: 1) Engagement, 2) Agenda Setting, 3) Formal Change, 4) Implementation and 5) Lived Experience.

We will provide participants with a Case Study to explore and discuss from the perspectives of the five different elements.

Our hoped for outcome from the KEF is that participants would go away with an understanding of the 'Social Justice Advocacy Indicators' tool and the 'Assess Your Advocacy' tool and an enthusiasm to apply them in their own organisation in order to improve their social justice advocacy work.

Who should attend?

All organisations with a social purpose who want to explore how Advocacy can work for their organisation.

Lunch and light refreshments will be served.

To book online please visit:

The Carmichael Centre, Barnardos & Disability Federation of Ireland Logos


Wood Quay, Dublin 8

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